Buying a Home

Buying a home is a complex process.  When you work with me as your Buyer's Agent, you will get the information or resources you need to make good decisions.  You will know what to expect.  Through my hour long consultation, you will understand the process from start to finish.  You will get the answers to your questions and you will be able to establish a great strategy for success.


The next step is for you to meet with a good, local lender who will provide you with good council on your mortgage options.  Once you've established your purchasing power and received your pre-approval letter, your client portal is established. 


The client portal is an excellent way for you to organize listings, do further research and elimate those that do not fit your needs.   This system is a great communication tool for the decision makers in the process and me, your Buyer's Agent.  Choosing a home is a process of elimination.  First you will eliminate listings based on the information you saw in your portal.  Then, you will eliminate by doing your "drive-bys".  And finally, you will eliminate based on viewing the inside of the home.


Once you have determined that you want to pursue a certain home, you will be provided with additional information to help you determine the home's value.  You will get information regarding neighboring home sales, the properties history in the MLS (on the market) and the sales and mortgage history of the home.  We will visit the home for a second time and then we will sit down to write an offer. 


Once the offer is accepted, we will work toward closing by following the contract and accomplishing each facet of the sale.










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